Take Action: Financial Firm

There are many reasons why financial firms should take steps to become genocide-free. Read our whitepaper which outlines the merits of genocide-free investing. Please also contact us for a private discussion of steps your firm can take and why.

Actions for Financial Firms



Since the government-sponsored genocide in Sudan continues, we advocate for investment firms to avoid or divest holdings of the four foreign oil companies that are the largest business partners with the government of Sudan. These four companies are PetroChina/CNPC, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation/Sinopec, ONGC and Petronas.


Announce a GFI Policy

Develop and implement a public genocide-free investing policy that will guide investment decisions and enable your firm to avoid investments with ties to genocide, now and in the future.

The policy should be in line with the genocide-free investing shareholder proposal which states, “Shareholders request that the Board institute transparent procedures to avoid holding investments in companies that, in management’s judgment, substantially contribute to genocide or crimes against humanity, the most egregious violations of human rights.”


Vote Your Proxy

Please be sure to vote in favor of the genocide-free investing proposal whenever it appears on a proxy ballot on which you are voting. Read more